Intelligent cron job script which automatically decides how often to trim one or more SSD partitions

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What is SSDcronTRIM ?

SSDcronTRIM is an intelligent cronjob which, depending on the usage of your Solid State Disk(s), automatically decides how often the SSD(s) should be trimmed. The more data you have on your SSD(s) the more often they will be trimmed.

It is intended as a fire and forget app which, once installed, does everything fully automated. In fact it is so clever, you should be able to install it on any linux system without using the package manager of your distribution. Just open this script with your favorite text editor, add the partition(s) which should be trimmed (as a space separated list into the variable SSD_MOUNT_POINTS) and then execute SSDcronTRIM without any option.

Beside the needed cron job(s) it also creates a man page on the fly. Both, the cron job(s) and manual page installation does not interfere with your existing distribution. And if you want to get rid of this script just start it with the deinstall option and it will remove any cron job(s) and the man page.

How to install SSDcronTRIM ?

Just follow these five simple steps:

  • Make sure you are working as the root user on your system.
  • Download the latest version from github.
    • wget
  • Set the Permissions so that only the root user can execute this script.
    • chmod 740 SSDcronTRIM
  • Open SSDcronTRIM with your favorite Editor and change the variables in the settings (Don't worry, there are only a hand full of them!) section according to your needs.
  • Just execute the script and the magic will start ;-)
    • ./SSDcronTRIM

How can i unistall everything?

Just type ./SSDcronTRIM -d and every cronjob installed by SSDcronTRIM together with the manpage will be removed.

Is it that simple?

Yes, try it out!

SSDcronTRIM Copyright 2014-2017 Matthias Egger